Parenting through the Pandemic: Some Additional Resources

Parenting through the Pandemic: Some Additional Resources

In the parent meeting, we discussed some shared concerns about our children’s emotional well-being, and I have felt called to explore how a situation like this impacts our emotional health as well as that of our children. The bottom line is that it will impact all of us, including our children. But, we are not helpless in this situation. There are resources available, and there are things we can do to mitigate the potential traumatic impact of this event for our children. I recently participated in a session with Colleen Wilkinson, who has experience in both trauma informed practice and Montessori, and she is an excellent resource for parents of young children.

Colleen says, “”Relationship is the inoculation against childhood trauma.” In short, we can’t control external events but we do have the ability to provide our children inoculation against the trauma of external events by nurturing positive relationships with them. Children are resilient, but they must have positive relationships to mitigate the effects of potentially traumatic events. To learn more, I highly recommend following her on Instagram @trauma_informed_montessori or viewing her webinar on Discipline and Guidance through a Trauma Informed Lens

A few other resources you may find of value . . .



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