Grace and Courtesy: The Language of Respect and Kindness

Perhaps one of the greater challenges or questions, we are all facing now is how do I meet my child’s social needs at this time? I wish I had the answer, honestly, it’s something I struggle with as well, particularly as a parent of an only child. We’ve definitely had to get creative and are employing more screen time than we ever have, but it seems that every little bit helps. Loosening our parameters has helped. Accepting that we are doing the best we can helps. Knowing that we don’t have control over the situation, but we do have control over how we respond has helped. We are doing all we can to model resiliency for our daughter, we are continually working on holding space for her feelings, and we still encourage her to practice our family values.

In this video from Nido Marketing, Montessorian Donna D’Hoostelaere shares more on how we can support grace and courtesy/social skills at home:

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