Practical Life Checklist for you!

Practical Life Checklist for you!

Remember when you were a kid and you had a list of chores to complete? It’s truly not an outdated notion, and providing your child with a tangible checklist of tasks they can do on their own is a great way to encourage cooperation and support their independence. I’ve created a sample checklist for you here that you are welcome to print and use at home, though feel free to make your own with pics of your own child and tasks of your own choosing! (This list is also available in our shared Google folder.)

Practical Life Checklist

Keep in mind, of course, that toddlers are still developing skills in these areas. “Getting dressed” might look like your child pulling up their pants by themselves or attempting to put their socks on without assistance. As always, think in increments. Ask yourself, what’s the next best step towards fostering independence for my child in each of these areas? Can they handle all of them or is there one area (or two) that I can choose to focus on this week?

Hang this list low enough for your child to see it, review it daily with them, and celebrate small successes! The more accomplished your child feels, the more empowered they will feel and the more likely they will be to attempt these tasks on their own.

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