Materials and more . . .

Materials and more . . .

Hi all. Just wanted to share a few pics of some of the work Frances has been doing at home over the last week just as a reminder that you don’t have to purchase a bunch of new materials to “do” Montessori or to keep your child engaged. Granted, I have a ton of supplies here and am a bit of a craft hoard, but a lot of what we do is centered on what we already have lying around. We are now also looking for new uses for items we normally discard. For example, since Frances is wanting to draw on every surface imaginable, I have recently resorted to cutting up recycled cereal and cracker boxes for the extra cardboard, and she loves it!

So, get creative . . . and, if you need a little help or inspiration, you can visit our shared folder in our Google drive where I’ve posted a Toddler Toolkit that should help get you started.

12 Toddler and Preschool Montessori Activities – Using what you already have! from the blog How We Montessori is another fantastic resource if you’re looking for more!

Finally, I want to remind everyone that not everything we share here will be for every child. Toddlers have a lot of common interests, but your child is unique and what engages one child may not engage another. Some of this may require some experimenting on your part, offering activity, noting your child’s interest or lack of interest, and adapting accordingly. In the Montessori classroom, it’s what we call “following the child.”

Soooooooo . . . don’t feel worried or bad if your child is not interested in these activities. In the classroom, we offer various opportunities and give the child freedom to choose, observe their interest, and then build from there. It will be very much the same at home, so don’t stress about doing this the “right way.” You know your child better than anyone, so, believe it or not, you’re already an expert. Take your time, take a breath and have fun. ❤

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