Food for thought this week . . .

Food for thought this week . . .

Montessori mama and blogger Nicole Kavanaugh recently shared these words from Maria Montessori which I thought might be helpful to reflect on as we prepare for another week at home with our children. Many of us are now finding ourselves in a position of having to keep our children busy while tending to our own work. Remember that free play is valuable work as well, and you don’t have to engage your child all day long to ensure their continual learning. Children are intrinsically motivated to find tasks that meet their developmental needs, and often do best when left to explore on their own in an environment suited for their needs, a safe space with options for movement, exploration and discovery. In short, PLAY is good!


“So long as a child is actively interested in what he is doing and there is no harm in his activity, he is working on his own development. Besides any new idea he may be grasping, he is developing concentration and self-discipline.”  Maria Montessori

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