The Toddler Language Curriculum

The Toddler Language Curriculum


Here’s a little more on our language curriculum from our young friend’s perspective, and the skills we are work on introducing and reinforcing in our community!

My vocabulary and communication skills are increasing daily! I am constantly absorbing sounds, words and meaning through work, play, stories and songs. At the age of two, I  will likely display a word explosion and, by the time I reach the age of three, I can do much more!

Within the next year, I will likely . . .

  • Have a vocabulary of 50+ words
  • Mimic adult sounds, words, actions
  • Begin to form simple sentences such as, “I am hungry.”
  • Be able to answer simple questions such as, “Where’s mommy?”
  • Be able to follows simple commands
  • Follow simple grammar rules
  • Enjoy listening to stories
  • Ask, “Why?”
  • Understand descriptive words like “big” and “small”
  • Use descriptive words like “soft” and “hard”
  • Display an increase in imaginative and fantasy play
  • Define the use of simple tools and common household items
  • Recount events
  • Display an emerging understanding of “past” and “future”
  • Scribble with a crayon/marker
  • Begin to use open-ended questions
  • Begin to understand and explain cause and effect
  • Make-up stories
  • Retell stories

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